fire brew

Fire Brew is a spicy apple cider vinegar tonic that embraces old-world, natural health remedies that everyone can enjoy. In the brand’s redesign, I chose to play up the healing properties of the ingredients and emphasize their connection to mysticism, while still making this unique product feel accessible and modern. I incorporated this imagery in a clean and graphic way to entice consumers to integrate Fire Brew into their own daily rituals.

FIREBREW_Asset 19@72x.png

FIREBREW_big bottlelittlebottle_closeup.jpg

Tarot Recipe Cards

With each online order, customers will receive a variety of recipe cards with new ways to enjoy Fire Brew. These cards mirror tarot cards through mystic symbols including potions, spells, astrology, and magic balls.


Designer / Illustrator: Yours Truly 

Copywriter: Jordan Blackburn