Hi, I’m Natalie.

I’m an NYC based designer and art director passionate about typography, color, and work that makes its mark in the world. Ever since I was little, I've had trouble letting the word "why" go. I'm afflicted with an insatiable curiosity to make sense of the world around me. After spending the winter backpacking around Southeast Asia and rediscovering my love for travel, I’m eager to get down to business. Let’s do this.

Thank you to everyone who got me where I am today, including:

- The bootleg copy of Photoshop CS4 I attempted to conquer the entire summer of ‘08

- Ina Garten’s entire series of cookbooks, for teaching me that sometimes you have to splurge on the good stuff (especially vanilla)

- My high school math teacher who looked the other way as I spent all of class doodling behind my TI-89

I am currently available for freelance work! Hit my line at: